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We are Tokabo

Almost every person spends most of their time in the house or apartment, so you need to make sure that this place is cozy and comfortable, one where you can feel safe and quiet. This can be achieved by arranging the living space so that it brings you only positive emotions. The main attribute that will help make your home cozy is furniture.

To date, natural wood furniture is in greatest demand. And this is not surprising, because the tree itself is a warm natural material, pleasing in appearance and touch. They have a very positive impact on the worldview of a person, giving the opportunity to feel warm and cozy.

Different types of wood are used in the furniture industry, but no matter what kind of furniture the furniture is made of, they will bring sophistication to any interior. The fact is that natural wood not only has a pleasant appearance and creates a cozy atmosphere in an apartment or a private house. Its performance qualities are also unmatched – wood products will serve for more than ten years, and the safety and environmental friendliness of the material makes it suitable even for people with a tendency to allergies.

Why choose us?

Employee experience

The company is based on the Chernivtsi Furniture Factory based on a history of more than 50 years.

Modern technology

Combining new woodworking technologies with the long experience of our employees allows us to create high quality natural wood furniture.

Fair price

Our prices are fair and affordable for all customers. We offer a flexible rebate system for regular customers.

Natural materials

In our work we use only materials from natural wood. Solid wood furniture never loses popularity,


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